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Life is a Basket of Pennies (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer
[sentiments concerning existence] In time I've learned that there is no beginning or end to this human existence and that there is no past or future; memory holds the moments that fed the soul, no matter how inane. The road ahead lays unformed; actions undetermined before the pending domino effect. Morality is false in itself; based upon culture and discrimination- Our judges are men of corruption, with foolish opinions concerning the nature of innocence. Society grinds our minds into working gears; though some of us remain oblivious, we struggle against imposed limits, at times accepting them conditionally-- breaking them when we desire the forbidden. Beyond details and human nonsense there doesn't exist boundaries; truth is meaningless compared to pure existence- right and wrong do not require debate, motivation originate from foolish appetites. What we learn or come to believe are scattered pennies from space with little value. Humor and Passion, Thought and Satisfaction, are what give me meaning and strength; the things worth seeking- if only we understood what they are in their purest form. One can claim many things; there are endless aspects to this human existence of chaos confused for order-- few of them of value in their entirety. There is no beginning, there is no end; life, existence, is an ever-changing Odyssey; death and birth mere trifles between change and altered directions. I hope to meet my end fulfilled with that which I've attained and the things I've always had-- I plan to die as a child in decay from old age greeting my last heartbeat inconclusive and serene.

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