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simply missing (Free verse) by daggatolar
My heart breaks Beats by heartbeat break; a pause They are after me Wait man hurries through Who is after me My own me after me How they do that They run after you runafter You till you runafteryou yourunafterrun Afteryou all by yourself alone Alone by yourselfalone Yourun afteryou not youinyou But they in you use you to runafteryou And as yourunafteryou, they are sure To be always afteryou Until, you cannot take it any longer Jump into the sea, the sea like Jonah Jumps you ou ashore, alone Spill your blood They like it, like free To be free from blame The blame reads in the report SUICIDE, they like it Like you would like it Not reading "SIMPLY MISSING"

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unouluvme209.110.217.8710February 28, 2004 5:35 PM PST
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