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The girl next door (Free verse) by Jennichad
Eyes that used to shine so blue exposing her love of life. Shaded and shadowed the truth of restless nights. When the sun goes down and the curtian of darkness falls. Through the thickness her crying penetrates the plaster walls. Each day, each night she waits next to a silent phone. He fights a war with many she fights one here alone. No one comes to rescue her From the pain she suffers within herself. No one even bothers to ask if she needs help. Waiting for a letter she checks the mail every day. Only bills are overflowing wanting her to pay. Her thoughts are filled with longing sometimes they seem to burn. Blood red ink marks the days that pass anxiously awaiting his return. Time has become a burden Minutes like hours, hours like day. passing them in solitude wishing he was here today. The girl next door is hurting. Radiating a silent plea. No one cares to notice. No one cares to see.

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