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What Was An Attempt Is Now Gone (Pimple) by Blindpoetry
I touched her heart; it was cold Colder than the night before I say “Do you need me to warm it?” She says nothing; she just shook her head From the tears of sadness Her heart was cold as ice She was locked in a chamber The warlock caught her I try to warm it With my oblivious heart But I could not go near it The ice sickles are to sharp I broke into the chambers But I was caught by the warlock The trail of bread crumbs gave me away Nothing seems to work… I hear you on the radio You’re singing about your love life You insult me in your questions You think I’m not listening Now I tune you out I grab a hammer And I crack it; I smash it I broke it; now I leave it be But you paste it back together You fix it with much expertise You’ve done this many times before You fix them for a living But now its time to fire you You can do the job You can fix it with just duct tape But you give no heart into it You went to school for game development But radios suited you better But you learned enough to know how the game is truly created Then why do you play it so wrong?

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