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American Eden v.2 [revised] (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer
It isn't about how one man fails societies code of morality, blaming his drunken father and whore mother who were never home. It isn't about how another man follows a gentleman's code of honor, drilled into him since he was a toddler by his polite and decent mum. It isn't about how one was raised, or where they came from. It's about how the timid become entombed in self pity, too fearful to open rusted eyelids. It's about how warriors learn the art of making bricks from the ashes of war so they can build a skyscraper. It's about how our society transforms free spirits into slaves. It's about how we built a country of ghosts, applying their iron shackles immediately after birth and preparing them neatly to be returned to the earth unrealized and unfulfilled; buried not in an American Eden, but six feet under in our canonic hell.

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