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The Blood (Pimple) by Blindpoetry
Running, Running away from my head I'm to stupid to even know what I've read Once I saw that paper, I bled I wiped the blood all over these words I can write, but it seems I cannot read what I've written The paper is what bitten me The blood seeps out now ; singing words now that it is free "Havoc is what I will cause for this man, Anger is what I will produce for this big fan." Is what he says Anger is its emotion That is my blood type ; It is smoother than lotion but sways in a a thick motion The amount of blood is growing I am swimming in a puddle of blood that is flowing Please don't touch the blood or you will be in trouble And my blood will double and then you will bleed also - making you turn into rubble Now give me a bucket and I will shovel the blood out So I will not be in the mood to pout So help me, help me, its seems like this will never clot This is way to abnormal! Am I scheduled to rot?

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