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Shouting at dogs (Free verse) by Bobjim
I love it, I do, I shout till I'm blue, I yell at the spaniel and peke. I howl at the dachs And the ill-tempered collie, And baffle the bulldog with Greek. I swear at alsations, And dreadful dalmations. I say "up your pipe" to the dane. And "get on your bike," To the old English sheppy. Which drives the poor blighter insane. I holler "you noodle" At each passing poodle. And terriers get their come-uppance. But as for the corgi, I treat them like royalty, Or else I would live on a pittance. Yes, I love it you see. It's pure bliss to me. Abusing the canine élite. Of all life's wee pleasures, There's none to compare, With shouting at dogs in the street.

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