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Brand-new Blue Book Jacket (Free verse) by Bobjim
It's the brand-new blue book jacket, That makes a fellow sing. That makes a fellow sing and shout, And splash his savings all about. Others speak of Jan and Dean, But I of the blue book jacket. It's the cut-down cardboard carton, That's worn upon the head. That's worn upon the heads of men, Who strut about in groups of ten. Others speak of Don and Phil, But I of the cardboard carton. It's the deaf and dumb-dumb waiter, That gives me some relief. That gives me some relief from those, Who say it's down to looks and clothes. Others speak of pearl and Ted, But I of the dumb-dumb waiter. It's the fabled foul of feathered folk, That help to turn the tide. That help to turn the worms and stuff. "He's mad!" they cry. "Enough! Enough!" Others speak of Bud and Lou. But I run out without paying.

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