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What R U? (Ode) by Sigh'ense...
I am me. Him that is me, is I And I am he. African American. This title seems miraculous, Since I've only visited Africa once. And I could of sworn The day I was born, My father's father's citizenship Had long been established. Is it not also a fact, That I've had no helping hand In the justified abolishment of this so called "American" land? How bout' that... And Black! How could this description be valid? When personally, I am a warm cinnamon-sepia complexion, And no darker than chocolate You can find my skin at any section. Bright spirited. Yet, labeled with such a pigment so dark, illicit and placid. One day I realized, That culture is cultured. And life doesn't need to be so generalized. Recognize the deprivation this brings. Not to say I am no part of these things, But.. all I am is who that I'll be, And he that is him, is I & I am me. Da1 Osborne

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