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Armageddon (I Am Mr. America) (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer
-- "reject" Thats what you called me as you snickered and sneered convinced that your words were russian nukes turning my world to dust. Dirty commie bastard, I am Mr. America. Didn't the KGB tell you that I have star war satellites with laser guns powerfull enough to evaporate your premature ejaculation? This trailer park persona of mine is dull, and unsophisticated, indeed. -S-O- -W-H-A-T-? My fingers still know how to pull the trigger. And my aim is perfect. So, you see, shooting squirrels all day yields more than just a hillbilly snack. Uncle Sam loves me for it despite the fact that im a rebel who won't take orders. Fuck Armageddon. I'll be sleeping under the pine tree on judgement day.

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