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Nitro (Free verse) by NNirvana13666
I absorb your negativity Only to find myself consumed by it One long life lived with you Many happier days without you Today I felt the regret An emotion I wished I never felt In your eyes I see chaos Your voice fills my heart with ruthless hate So many days gone to waste Never did I feel whole more than one day Close my eyes only to continually realize You will never die You didn’t make me see You made me think I saw I saw nothing but your paranoid aversion for structure Your lack of self control which poisoned me for so long You raped my mind of individuality Feeding me corrupted influences of non existent free will Listen vigilantly to my decision You are hate in its purest form Loving you was like sending my soul to the depths of hell Forget the spelling of my name Overlook my existence You are not welcome to breathe in my zone Die and stay dead in your delusional fantasy world

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