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Slimshady Meets Cali Hillbilly (I Don An Afro) (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer
*beep* bleed, spread my seed the main purpose in being human. (bingo captain, state the obvious) these days i act crazy lurking around, doing the slim shady lost my hair dye, im donning blue overalls, deniggered californian ford pickup hillbilly lips puffin on the oversized herb philly -fuck!#$ i have revealed the truth: white boy with nigger afro with a forked tongue that does glow green, i now lean over to puke up my redneck moonshine on the carpet i did sign- *Puke Dream, boy made a man with 50 bucks spent on a star spangled whore, hair sprayed to defend against russian nukes* Phallus met flesh tube, dispensed toothpaste (colgate bitches, her teeth are pure aryan nazis) patted her iron hair piece, kicked her in the stomach and walked the fuck out, fifty spent, five hundred gained. i play the street stock market, in my pocket is my switch blade i deal and trade, steal secrets misinform everyone, and make millions off of mexican "norte 4 life" thugs welcome to the film directed by mr poet "im confused" and produced by his sidekick -delusions of grandeur- quote: I AM PICASSO I KNOW HOW TO FLOW With me paint brush I DID NOT RUSH those brush strokes BUT JUST HAPPEN TO LIKE deformed faces and handicapped women. [cut, smoke more, moon shine the sun, load the gun and end the crystalline waterfall called "my" mind]

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