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My Show at the Whiskey a Go Go on the 26th of August 2003 (Free verse) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
Precognition: Siblings are both there. Little sister looks gorgeous as usual. Baby brother is cackling on heroin and pointing at some chick he wants to fuck, and more than likely will if he doesn't buy cocaine and go limp first. Nadine, my love, my Saint helps load and unload everything, gets my strings, my gear positioned, my drinks, greets everyone never complains (unless I leave with my bros.) and basically manages my retarded over acted existence down to the second. I have trained her well. Like I taught Angie. And Michelle. But I ruined that. But I think deep down inside, they both always knew I was meant for a different life, and they are proud of me. Neither, of my parents are there. As usual. Who cares. I obviously do, if I brought it up. Rufus Wainwright & Cherry Vanilla, are there, and Rufus looks HOT! Bruno’s there, Wes from Puddle of Mud Dog-town and Z boys are in the house VENICE! VENICE! VENICE! "Cigarettes an Chocolate milk" (I should cover that) But tonight I'm playing: 1. Cowboy Polaroid 2. Zombie Love 3. At the Circle K 4. Break Down 5. Mystery instrumental 6. Crypt-ionic Rosetta Groan 7. Holy Toledo, is that your Mom? 8. Fuck off 9. Nights in White Satin 10. Story of my life 11. Cereal killer Blues. ENCORE: House of the rising sun Aka house of the wobbly ass wagon. Super Encore, The Crutchling (Western style) straight into Angels & dinosaurs. The show is a smashing success. I get signed the next day. I never have to come on Poemranker again. Unless, I need to find my keys.

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