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wFrasier Allonbyw is a recipient of the poemWanker award:
sub account that jus tlikes to wank
Moosefart's Revenge (Free verse) by wwFrasier Allonbyww
See, generally, But see, in particular, for the following ... SELECTED HIGHLIGHTS "They think because I am bipolar, I am weak." "After thinking if over pass the personal grief it has caused me, I find I must let others know about I would not want a reputable poet to go through what I did so I am advising that everyone boycott this site and make sure that your website boycotts it." "I do have copies of most of the comments some of which were so bad I deleted if you wish to see them, many are still up at the site. The really horrible thing is that one guy has about eight screen names and he apparently has followers who also decided to gang up on me. He rewrote my "Stigma," they wrote poems about me using the most horrible language I have ever been subjected to anywhere. They even planned my funeral." "Now one might ask why I didn't just pack up and go, right? Because at first I thought just maybe I could make them understand that I wasn't a ' whiner,' that maybe I could educate them about Mental Illness, so I even tried posting more which brought me more grief. They all started writing more lewd poems (if you could call them poems) about me, threats, I tried in vain to reason with the owner kaolin fire and even found him plotting against me in his Live Journal, telling half truths."

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