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Untitled Apology (Free verse) by OneFingerAnswer
I let my spirit leave for the west I lay my body down for some rest But as I see cloud nine in the sky Beauty and hope take over my eye It fills me with once lost hope I feel more slack in my rope And I look around just to see All the calm and peace around me Tears start to leave a wake And I feel my body shake And for once I feel like I know Which way I`m supposed to go I know if I get lost on my way Or if I can`t make the pay I can turn to have you there And I know that you`ll still care I once tried to push you back Fearing your helping hands like an attack Now if you`re willing to forgive I`ll take anything you have to give And I can help you if you need I`m trying to give up my ways of greed Just turn to me one day or night If you need help in the battles you fight

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