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A poem from the sky (Free verse) by Roisin
You always seemed so far away, So high up in the infinite sky. I could not see your soul. When I at first saw you in perfect clarity I would've wondered whether The distance had ever really existed Had it not been for a distinct feeling that overcame my whole And I, in turn, became entangled with it. The heady rush that swam And Dizzily Meandered through the heart of my head. I had been lifted by you. I began to see like you, Know you, Feel what you- what I Was feeling. So used to being held suspended I was from you That I didn't realise that I was floating On my own. My reflection Slowly burning away in your eyes- An ever diminishing star . And I saw you soon after Distant again Only this time facing away from me. But I have now learnt That without you I can fly free. Without ties I can appreciate all that you gave to me When you brought me up here.

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