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My Tomahawk goes up, UP, AND AWAY! (Villanelle) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
Bugs Bunny really loved Elmer Fudd. And after sex came the question. "Were there chemicals in your SCUD?" Can you guess my favorite soap sud? Yep, Mr. Bubbles is germ prevention. Bugs Bunny scrubbed after Elmer Fudd. I clicked on the war, and smoked some bud. Praying for a doritos manifestation. I then pondered sex with Ashley Judd. "Were there chemicals in your SCUD?" That line was late due to masturbation. No one really ever liked Elmer Fudd. With a stupid laugh, he was no stud. A stoned artist's twisted creation. "Were there chemicals in his SCUD?" Cucumbers on my eyes, I call for more mud. But my wait-staff are all in detention. I pray what's in my mouth just isn't cud. "Were there chemicals in your SCUD?"

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