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Tribute (Free verse) by UAFANTHORPEY
We were walking down the street Colin and I When a devil popped out and cried "Rhyme the best poem in the world" "Or What" I replied "I'll eat you" So I looked and Colin and he looked at me "This danger is a turn on" he said So I clocked him one And rhymed the best poem in the world! The stanzas were smooth And rhymed easily My alliteration was great It was a symphony The metaphors Made Imagery And I included a line About a donkey. But this is not the best poem in the world I forgot the best poem in the world Because I have amnesia This poem here Is the worst poem in the world Even worse than Fantastic Freddy's cockroach Well perhaps I am aiming for the bottom five Oh why oh why oh why. I I I I I I I I I Can you dig that? Whoo? Can you dig that? Whoo? One more chance to be the king of the world And then you'll see: BOOM DE LA BOW WOW YO KOW WOW BOOM HELL YEAH AND I DON'T CARE! Scott Neville is gay With his Dad

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