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Heart of the killer (Free verse) by UAFANTHORPEY
Micheal you were a monster back then. An omnipotent force of evil With eyes as cold as prison cells And a heart burning out of hell. I was terrified of you! Now you have a motive. Now you have a reason. Your not a monster anymore. Your just like me, and I can be hurt. So you can be hurt too. I now know you have a heart. I know you can be cut open I know you breathe and I know you bleed. And I know you'll die by the curse they put on you. Your not a monster anymore A leviathon on land no. You are a human, you are weak now And I am strong. You are weak to pride, love desperation and anger. Which I lost long ago. Face it Micheal, I am the monster now. And you are the weak foe who i will gobble up And break down. Micheal, your human and so you have faults. You removed my heart and my soul. You are human in mind, me only in body. And now I will finish you. Come on Micheal, it ends now!

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