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In the Night (Free verse) by Joi
As the darkness surrounds me I feel the present of a being As the darkness surrounds me My heart beats faster The silence of the night The calm of the storm The subtle hint of coolness In the quietness of the night As I walk in the mist of the night I feel the dew touching down upon my skin It sweeps across my face It is the still of the night Noises off in the distance Sounds of pain Sounds of joy The void of the night In the stillness of the night I feel a warm breeze blowing through me I feel as though I am weightless Fluff in the night The smell of rain I feel the rain drops falling I see the puddles on the ground The drops of rain drench me I can sense the calm Calm of the night Creatures stirring about Night skies full of star light Oh how I sense all the above I know in my heart It is the sounds of love Enclosing me in Holding me hostage.

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