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Staring through you (Free verse) by creepshow
Talking online, wasting all my damned time, thoughts wandering just like they always do. Feeding your compulsive aura, stroking your complex ego to get what I want. Looking back on that day, your disgusting smile creeping on your lips. You thought you won my dear, but now you'll never when your reward will come. All your blasphemy blasted me away, and your insincerity shall be stripped away. I hate what I have become since then, even though you released me from my mental prison. I am still owned by you, cleansing from beneath your skin, your scent travels through me, chills of icy steel in me. The day I looked back from that car, I realised just what you are. A selfish ghost, reaving all that was dear to me, now I stare back into nothing, all that you are, all that was make believe... All of it was a deluded reality, now I simply stare through your eyes, dead and hollow they actually are now. Hollow and empty like your shell of a body. I gaze into your putrid mind, and peel your skin back to reveal that I am looking right into my own self. I have stared into the abyss, and saw my own relflection.

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