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Historical Epic (Free verse) by Bobjim
ya see back in the old land where little birds wear top hats and badgers sing opera there was a great kickboxing competition and generally the kangaroos won on account o being better at it and also cos they cheat them damn kangaroos anyway a young girl, about 5 i think named jim jimminy jim jimminy jim jim jaroo came as an outside contender and she was pretty good and really small and so could headbutt the kangaroos in the nuts which was useful so she got all the way to the final and was fighting this big mean kangaroo named "Bob" all kangaroos are really called "Bob", by the way it's a kangaroo thing anyway she was a kicking and a punching a ducking and a diving a weaving and a fightin then she said "screw this" pulled out her handy little knife and stabbed Bob in the balls as he fell to floor in pain she went a mugged a local crocodile hunter and stole his shotgun with which she shot bob and was declared champion on account of her shooting anyone who said otherwise after a long and succesful reign as champion she was eaten by a hippo

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