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Bush Fire (Free verse) by ingwa
A problem in the air Feel and sense it all around Fauna in a panic Smoke and ashes from a blaze Heart skips a beat Rhino and antelope Birds all around A presence is known It cuts through the grass Consumes all in it's path Baboons start screaming Run, hide, but to where There are casualties In the wild Hundreds of trees Burnt to a cinder The rain comes Pouring down Quenching the thirst That the blaze brings The smell changes Scorched earth and steam For miles all around The sight of cremation The choke in my throat Dissipates and I breath Knowing that the bush Will survive this dreadful pass Three months later The grass is all green Antelope feed on the shoots Succulent and sweet It happens in nature The risk is always there For another blaze like that Pure nightmarish true

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