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ishte ishta (Other) by IcHronit
i wanna claim this fame my only burden to name this pittiful minds wasted and lost in this dime ishte ishta my love where are you my heart is running down and two love is quenching into this warm empire I can't see place is bitter ishte ishta please come back to me i LOVE you so much to be the man iam in this world is this poem great or what? tell me something ishte are you lovely like the way I saw you before the you were right the end my love ishte ishta marry me now or forever hold your peace this poem is great my love so accept it or die in shame i love you though so please be not hasty and judge me wrong now the end ishte ishta..

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xxx68.166.37.1850June 17, 2005 3:08 PM PDT
edpeterson68.79.60.1230November 5, 2004 9:14 AM PST
Anonymous168.28.203.13610November 5, 2004 7:07 AM PST

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