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Secretary (Free verse) by steven adams
For the past two years I have been a secretary That's right, a secretary I type and copy and file I am a secretary But the most ineresting part of my job is the people I sit next to Jenny and Caitlin They make fun of me for being a secretary I guess they better fit the stereotype We all work for the same man Tom acts like a nice guy Well I should call him Thomas He only wants Jenny and Caitlin to call him Tom Yesterday Tom asked Jenny into his office She never closes the door when she goes into his office Jenny has a soft voice but I distinctly heard Tom "Hi Hun I was thinking about that raise I just don't know if you deserve it. Why don't you show me how you deserve it?" "I know you need this job. You have two mouths at home to feed" Jenny had told me before about Tom But I didn't believe her Or I didn't want to believe her Where the fuck does he get the nerve to say some shit like that? This woman has worked her ass off just to feed, clothe, and shelter her children while supporting their hopes and dreams I just wanted to run into that office and rip that disrespecting prick's vocal cords out But luckily I didn't have to The most amazing thing happened The most amazing thing in the world Jenny looked him dead in the eyes and said "Have a nice life, Thomas."

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