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Illegal Lying Sins (Free verse) by Blindpoetry
You read all my awful poetry Go ahead, patronize me Verbalize the world I live in Vomit out the words… That Are Illegal Lying Sins I’m not ready, ready To go away with you, Ready To shoot the sky with you, Prepared To look up to… Ready Ready Ready To shop for a heart I know it doesn’t make much sense I’m writing poetry instead of building a fence…Around me I’m whining and griping about all these different things None Action; Just cliché thoughts and minds it always brings I’m ready “You Are?” So happily Yes “Yes! I will!” So expectantly I want to leave you “…” Shocked Away away I am Away away we are Separate Separate from the things we did Shouting Shouting and lieing is resting bed I’ve got a good picture of this… A photo memory of me and you… your Face is cut out; No facial expression On your face is the sun Bright, shines on everything, Reveals everything

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