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Your Beautiful Silence (Free verse) by Enchantres
Eleven years have passed since you left us There still is a emptyness in my soul It will alway's be there I want it to stay because, it's YOU Your smile, your passionate eyes The eyes with such glance in it I will never see them again I watch the leaves fall in the Autumn I see the snow falling down in the Winter And I watch the rain falling down on your gravestone Can you hear me? Watch the black Crow fly, fly high in the sky Falling down on you, protecting you, embracing you Because it can't rain all the time The flowers I left for you will once die My terrible pain of loss, is in no words to describe A wonderful bright spiritual person but mostly my love No more.. My tears will never dry, maybe you won't see them all the time.. But they are alway's there, will forever be there I want them to be there My lovely Angel I hope you will find the rest that the Angels gave to you And may you rest in sweet heavenly peace Maybe one day there will be a crow on your grave And I can listen to that beautiful silence...

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