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How To Fish (Free verse) by Blindpoetry
I’m so scared To remind you Of the best times We have ever had Your eyes will break mine one day When my equilibrium starts to runaway I’m deeply scared That you will agree In a lying sense Of guilty conscience Killer trolls will attack me if I say no If I wash my hands, maybe they will leave me alone I’m neurotically scared To continue This endless journey Away from your heart Go ahead, bash me with the shield Plagiarism is not allowed in this mellow field I’m naturally scared Like the rest of the fish Like the rest of the cliché Dreams and hopes for America Carpet Moose’s will take control Whenever you figure out the value of what you stole It’s all a white collar bone gesture Sanitizing our heads with much soap dispensing It’s a clock wearing, blue eyed stalker Always there in time… To Teach You How to Fish

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