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Wanting To Much (Free verse) by Katrina
Wanting to tell you how I feel Wishing I could tell you exactly what is on my mind To not hold anything back just let it all out But Im so affraid Affraid to let you in Scared of being the one that gets hurt again To many times before have I let this happen And now I believe this one is real, but I am scared from the ones that have hurt me before Should I allow my fears to take control of my heart Or should I take my fears and shatter them to the wind I do not know But I do know I do not want to lose you So I musant be affraid I must believe this is real, know you are not going to do what the others have done Believe in what my heart is telling me to do Allow you to get close I will open my heart and soul to you, allow all of myself to be seen by you I will knock down all boundaries, no more those, no more of pulling you close than pushing you away I do not want to play no more games Now you have all of me, I have told you everything, every emotion, every thought, every feeling, and givin you all I have to give And now you say you want to leave Why do you say this now After all I have done for you I have givin myself and my heart to you What is wrong, what have I done I know we can make this work I knew this would happen if I allowed someone to get close There is nothing I can do to make you stay or change your mind Just go There is nothing to do now Goodbye

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