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What went wrong with America? (An essay) (Free verse) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
A super power, and world-renowned entity. America is the beautiful home of the brave. The land of opportunity, and a virtual melting pot of cultures, dreams, and religions. But what went wrong in the evolution of this great country of ours? Was it the fact that it was stolen from a peaceful indigenous people more then 300 years ago, and now through karma we are getting our fair dues? Is it because we as a nation are only as strong as our weakest link? That link being the epitome of a spoiled retarded sloth child. Is it because in our quest to prove to the world that our methods of governing and trading are better than theirs? Or have we lost our way and forgotten what it was that we set out to discover in the first place? Here is a fact, the American Indians showed early Americans settlers how to survive by teaching them how and what to grow. Where were suitable habitats to build homes in? And we repaid them by giving them barren land to live upon. Killing their food supply, and murdering them at random and in large massing. Because, we know very little about true respect outside of our own best interests. When the going gets going, that is. (Ghost dance, Wounded knee etc...) When did it become America's responsibility to rid the world of evil? And how is that any different than what Hitler, or Napoleon, attempted to achieve through Imperialism, propaganda, fear, genocide, and an acute manipulation of power? Unfortunately, it's likely all of these things, and then some. In fact, the list doesn't improve from there it gets even worse. What's the real cut and dry difference between Capitalism and Socialism when you really get down to the nitty gritty of it all. And does the bottom man get a fair shot either way? Are they based, both, only on the upper class's best opportunistic financial endevours? Or equally balanced to cater to both ends? Imagine policing the world for weapons of mass destruction? When, so far, America is the only nation thus far to drop an atomic weapon to date. And is responsible for creating the blue prints to 99% of all weapons of mass destruction in the last three World Wars any how? How could we teach the Iraqis how to make biological agents back in the late 70's (Because we wanted them to use it against Iran, and they did along with their own people) For us to turn around and persecute them for it now? Did you know 130,000 Japanese died at Hiroshima alone? Not counting the blast to Nagasaki? That's not even counting the effects that it had on birth abnormalities and other natural ecological losses? From the radiation and blast range scarring. Let alone the spiritual and psychological damage? (Just visit Japan to see what I mean, they're all completely nuts. Trying to absorb and immitate us). As a citizen of this nation and a son to her ways am I too responsible for the rising tide of contempt that the rest of the world now holds against America? Yes, I am, and so is each and every citizen both on and off of her majestic shores. Why, one might ask? Well, for starters, America holds the largest collection of undereducated self proclaimed know it alls that the world has ever seen massed together. Where else can you breed Bill Gates and Rodney King all under the same roof? Go from Silicon Valley to Death Valley in the blink of an eye. Buy crack, finish a business meeting early, fuck your mistress at the Four Seasons, and still find a few spare minutes to order Chinese? All in a few square miles by cellular phone. It is common knowledge that Americans are greedy, narrow sighted, and ridiculously pretentious without fair reason or even an objective. A nation where two thirds of its occupants still believe the earth was created a couple thousand years ago. Yet, some how consider ourselves a mold for others to follow. A mold to break all molds. The cream of the crop. The word 'ironic' can't even begin to describe our current position on world wide political debates. When does a child get too big for its britches? Guess what, take a look at America, and that's when. With misinformation and well edited media mediums. (Is it Ironic that Zion controls 90% of the media?) Coupled by a deaf Jackass's ability to reason. America is single handedly carving out entire new areas in the vastly undiscovered terrain of political self destruction and double talk. We cannot survive another hundred years going at this rate? Not a snowballs chance in hell. Our government has successfully duped itself and all of its citizens along with it into believing the impossible. Over and over again, for as long as one can go back into our short history as an industrious nation. Is this a new phenomenon? Not at all, in fact every great democracy and or republic since the dawn of time has committed the same naive mistakes. Including the greatest known empires that there has ever been. Greece, Rome, France, England, the Huns, just to name a few. Whether they knew it, or not. Believe me, in the end they could have smacked themselves for not catching on earlier before it was too late. Psychologically, a government should be maintained from it's origin much the same way a child is. It must be nurtured, educated, cared for, trusted, and most of all self sufficient and respectfully wise as it gets on in its years. What is this great mistake you might be asking yourselves? Simple, it's the inability to lead by example and keep your word. With out forgetting that not everyone else feels the same way about the same things at exactly the same moments in time as you do? You might be asking yourselves "Yeah, well what can I do about it?" And as long as you keep repeating that lazy half assed typical American excuse in your mind? Will be exactly the same amount of time that nothing about this great country ever changes. For Christ sake, if a bunch of loaded hippies could manage to open the eyes of the public forty years ago and force our government to take responsibility for its actions, then why can't we? What is it going to take? Losing your Mcdonalds and MTV, or losing your constitutional rights? Because, you've already lost a great deal of the latter without even knowing what they were. Or what they meant to the couple million soldiers and patriots that died so that you might better appreciate who you are and what you have. We are Americans, and we need to wake up before it's to late. Why allow the world to stereo -type who you are by the actions of officials who don't hold your or America's best interest at heart, but rather in their wallets.

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