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The shirt I wore to dinner. (Free verse) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
I made my shirt For dinner tonight Well, not made, But it is white Plain, and v necked. Pure and cheap I am going to wear It to a meeting at This restaurant. Another stupid raw Fish joint. I'm going to wear It over a stinky Thermal long sleeved Top that I have had on For days now. With a pair of 501 blues and vans. On the front of the Shirt I wrote "What are you looking at motherfucker?" On the back reads "If you are reading this. You are a sorry Fucking idiot" On the right sleeve. "Space for rent" on the left sleeve, "Fuck Ozzy’s stupid Fat retarded pompous ugly Boring fucking daughter, And show, but I love Black Sabbath". Twenty bucks says No one will forget Dinner tonight, or Be able to swallow Their chewing’s, And I believe that It is about fucking time. And free food More flowers for Algeron.

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