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The Destination of the Unborn Child (Free verse) by DeadtotheWorld
For the Mother and Father get intimate They do many drugs It's a load of shit She tokes, he drinks She smokes, and he pops some so called pescription pills Destination of this child Will be bad He'll never have a life That he should have had Because once he's born that kid will die And thats the results of he's parents loving ways They never really cared, They were never really there Did they even know how it would affect him? For every bad choice, and every little mistake We know know the little boys fate

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Arithmetic Mean: 6.25
Weighted score: 5.1490035
Overall Rank: 5247
Posted: March 11, 2004 8:43 PM PST; Last modified: March 11, 2004 8:47 PM PST
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[n/a] Shuushin @ | 12-Mar-04/11:52 AM | Reply
Title rocks.
[n/a] DeadtotheWorld @ > Shuushin | 12-Mar-04/7:49 PM | Reply
Thanks man, by the way your poetry is awesome.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > DeadtotheWorld | 14-Mar-04/5:47 AM | Reply

1. Read -=Dark_Angel=-'s poeme 'Voyage of the Browne'. Compare and contrast. How does each poeme make you feel? [5]

2. "Drugs are cool and if you don't take them your gay". Discuss. [4]
[8] richa @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 14-Mar-04/6:05 AM | Reply
I believe we are all born gay, and must partake in manly activities to prove ourself not.

Also vis a vis the poeme, I suggest the term toke was invented by a rapper because it rhymed with smoke.
[n/a] zodiac @ > richa | 14-Mar-04/6:17 AM | Reply
I suggest that the preceding comment by richa is the Unified Theory of Everything so long sought by physicists, except for the toke part, which is utterly false.
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