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In my train-IN (Free verse) by ShaNoN+960317485
Stuck, stuck I am herein stuck In drones of insignificants little hut Here I am, here sit I must Yawning, rubbing scuffling my rump Here am stuck with no place to run Day in to the set of the several suns Over the darkness I carry my brunt Sickness and in pain, in shine or rain Come here I must, yes I must To leviathan my knowledge in my crown Yes to this place I must come Yet my set of day I will stifle a yawn Swallow a breath thence call in whispers clause Stuck I am in this schooling for a betterment For which over the seas that I hath come

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Down the ladder: Beneath The Undertow

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Weighted score: 5.119203
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Posted: December 16, 2003 11:42 PM PST; Last modified: December 16, 2003 11:42 PM PST
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[n/a] ShaNoN+960317485 @ | 16-Dec-03/11:45 PM | Reply
Srry that i cant b here in Poemranker more often - been in a training n still am. Hope 2 read ya guys/gals stuff once i finish this arse grinding.

Cheers friends
[n/a] fair12 @ | 17-Dec-03/8:19 AM | Reply
All I could picture was Yoda rubbin his bum...

mmmmgghhh - stuck i am young skywalker - bored, bored I am with this trainin - mmmgmgghhhh
[n/a] ShaNoN+960317485 @ > fair12 | 18-Dec-03/10:10 AM | Reply
may the force b with ya little bum 2:o) cause Frodo hath already put off the war of the ages pass whilst he hath done his frolic in the mount of doom...just as dare gather our bundles and hang our socks fr the Christmas come...HO ho n a lota cheers 2 ya all on Christmas that tumbles to ye door front...I give ya'll a wonderful years End 2....
[8] richa @ | 17-Dec-03/8:59 AM | Reply
cute, could do with being less dense on the page, some stanzas and punctuation maybe.

The rhythm is the best thing

'sit I must'? perhaps: I must/sit yawning, rubbing scuffling my rump.
[n/a] ShaNoN+960317485 @ > richa | 18-Dec-03/10:04 AM | Reply
hello richa - sad that i didnt ya, but the trainer ws pokin her nose abt so i got it down as it came 2 me n put it down on the site.

Yet smote be i fr not taking time to reflect...cheers:o)
[9] Shardik @ | 17-Dec-03/11:55 AM | Reply
Guerrilla warfare takes dedication and well to do parents.
[n/a] ShaNoN+960317485 @ > Shardik | 18-Dec-03/10:01 AM | Reply
of which i hope u hv the total sum 2, cause i have it all n much more:o)
[n/a] <{Baba^Yaga}> @ > ShaNoN+960317485 | 18-Dec-03/1:03 PM | Reply
What are those #'s after your name for?
[n/a] ShaNoN+960317485 @ > <{Baba^Yaga}> | 19-Dec-03/11:18 PM | Reply
The numbers reflect my home number - just fr identity sake, cause there are lota people named Shanon...

But if u dare 2 contact me direct use me HP# +960708922.
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