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Rebel Spirits (Free verse) by miraclemaker
fuck sensational television Sadaam, Bush, go to Hell. drown in an Iraqi oil well fuck the madonna/whore complex pervading the minds of those unfortunate in their isolation of any form of education. fuck the world that murders innocent or guilty homeless handed a $5. bill to a living freezing dead man standing may he survive the night. fuck the pimps in striphouses entrapping and stealing free souls desperate to profit on the exhibition of sexuality. fuck the Portland Police Department intimidating the tokers into hiding beating immigrants with broken English arresting and carrying away peace activists lighting their 3x5 flags. fuck husbands who provoke wives to fight for their goddess-given lives to live in secret fear of his guns to give excuses for their daughters and sons.

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Arithmetic Mean: 3.8
Weighted score: 4.8569565
Overall Rank: 10485
Posted: December 15, 2003 9:51 AM PST; Last modified: December 15, 2003 9:51 AM PST
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[9] Jeremi B. Handrinos @ | 15-Dec-03/12:25 PM | Reply
"fuck the pimps in striphouses
entrapping and stealing free
souls desperate to profit on
the exhibition of sexuality." This one's a bit off.
I believe there's more here at work than what you've given us, but the rest are tight. Here's a 9.
[9] richa @ | 16-Dec-03/6:46 AM | Reply
good this, my favourite lines being: 'unfortunate in their isolation/of any form of education.' and 'beating immigrants with broken English'

[n/a] Everyone @ | 17-Dec-03/7:18 AM | Reply
A deeply disturbing piece that caused powerful sensations in my brain and body. Controversial stuff.
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