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Oh So! (Free verse) by KezzY20
OH SO! O how I love u so I never wanted to let u go U would never no.. how much I miss u so I just want u to no... i didnt mean to let u go I'm loney o so much... i think bout u very MUCH! I'm oo such alone When u call me on the phone... baby i just wanna bone But when we get off the phone... i have no one to bone... See girl..I no that im all alone Mo' n mo' I think bout u.. Dream Bout U! Mo' n mo' I'm missin u.. wantin a kiss from u O how i wish! I could get that kiss! O fiss..ive let u go. OooO Y!...did i ever let u go...Y!?!? I make this poem for u.. I am being true I am o so lucky to have a friend as good as u. O...n' baby..P.S. I LOVE U N' I BE MISSIN U O SO TOO! By.Kyle a.k.a "Babby Boi KeZzY" To.Camia a.k.a "Good Camia"

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Posted: August 1, 2002 9:04 AM PDT; Last modified: August 1, 2002 9:04 AM PDT
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[0] razorgrin @ | 1-Aug-02/9:47 AM | Reply
well thank you for finishing off the english language.I understand it's in its death throes, but that's just brutal. This is also the worst piece of shit i've ever seen on this site. I honestly hope something terrible and painful happens to you.
[0] ==Doylum @ | 1-Aug-02/10:01 AM | Reply
YOur PoEm iS meLting my BraiN wITH itttts awfullllnnnessss help mother it hurts, put some lotion on it oh mother haven't i been good, what have i done to deserve this. Oh help me
[0] god'swife @ | 3-Sep-02/8:28 AM | Reply
[2] hatedestruction @ | 9-Jan-04/5:36 AM | Reply
what the hell is this?
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