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Being Mute (Free verse) by TheVoiceless
Stand looking in on conversation, Understand, smile and nod. Nothing more can be done, For the voice is none. Blinking eyes flirt without sound, Happily beam a witty grin, Causing the start of what, What is about to begin? Winning them over without a word, Showing their every sound made was heard, The walls they echoed to ears well trained, Thoughts in head, there they remain. So bland a feeling, Not being able to say… What you feel and think, Needing savior from an ego that consumes. Try handing tools to vocalize, Keep your pen, And your paper too. Unless the things I do intrigue you.

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Arithmetic Mean: 7.714286
Weighted score: 5.729984
Overall Rank: 1847
Posted: September 12, 2003 2:46 PM PDT; Last modified: September 12, 2003 2:46 PM PDT
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[n/a] deleted user @ | 12-Sep-03/6:51 PM | Reply
I am mute sometimes. But then I play the flute.
[n/a] TheVoiceless @ > deleted user | 13-Sep-03/1:06 AM | Reply
Let me explain one time,
The only sound I break is toot, toot, toot,
So don't make fun trying to be cute,
Or your brain from skull I will lute.

(Look I'm a poet and didn't know it too.)

Thanks for the comment had to give a little back towards ya.
[10] suprembeaner @ | 13-Sep-03/1:08 AM | Reply
we ar the knights who say ni.
very good yng chap.
[n/a] TheVoiceless @ > suprembeaner | 13-Sep-03/1:26 AM | Reply
Thank you very much. I got the idea when I signed up for this site. Decided what I wanted my user name to be, then thought hey... Why don't I write a poem about the mute amongst society.
Again thanks for the comment and the vote.
[10] LuckyJoe @ | 13-Sep-03/1:35 AM | Reply
I like it. It really made me think. Took me in, put me there. I saw the images, feel the feelings. Keep up the good work.
I'd give more than 10 if I could.
[n/a] TheVoiceless @ > LuckyJoe | 15-Sep-03/2:50 AM | Reply
Thank you brother. To bad I'm the one that got you started in poetry huh? :P
[6] herbgirlofbirkenau @ | 5-Jun-04/12:04 PM | Reply
love the last stanza
there are some weak parts such as: "So bland a feeling,
Not being able to say…
What you feel and think,
Needing savior from an ego that consumes."

but improve the flow and the poem will improve alot.
good job.
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