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The Captain Plecostumus Rap (Free verse) by INTRANSIT
My name is pleco I'm kind of a clown You won't find me near the top 'cos I'm always down. Suckin' on moss is what I do best I've got a job to do I don't need no breast. wick wick wah wick wick wah wick awick awick wick wick wah My body is the same as the color of my eyes I'm down on the gravel ain't no trophy prize A five gallon tank is my home stickin' to the glass is where I roam. (scratchin') I AM Plecostumus fish suckin' up moss is my only wish If you need your tank clean then call a pro. If you say I ain't cuttin' it I'll tell you where to go. wick wah

Up the ladder: I'm a ghost
Down the ladder: we're insane

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Posted: April 29, 2003 4:59 PM PDT; Last modified: April 29, 2003 4:59 PM PDT
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[9] Shardik @ | 29-Apr-03/5:11 PM | Reply
you are really quite funny, my plecostomus was torn appart to weeks ago by my red evil and green terror. In takes a mean pleco to scrape glass in my tank.
oh and it's. wick wa wick wa wick wah wicky wah, chick chaw.
[n/a] richa @ | 30-Apr-03/11:07 AM | Reply
Will Smith right?
Remember me when you are president
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