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Killing spree (Free verse) by UAFANTHORPEY
It twas the crow that told me go Told me to kill you so And stick a knife through your back. When I did so the crow replied "There aint no life left in his eyes" That is that, that is that. But the crow came back the next day He would not leave me or go away He wanted me to kill again Why do I do what a mere bird say? There was a revolution formed today. I can kill without refrain Maybe I like the look of blood. Other peoples gorgeous spud Or maybe I'm slightly mad. There must be a reason there are voices in my head. Must be a reason, they want me to be dead. The best time I ever had Was sticking the knife in old Mrs Life I used your standard kitchen knife But what does it mean? Then I wake up in my bed Yawn and clear my head. Was this a dream? If you have a nightmare, but enjoy it. Is it a dream, or a buch of shit. I can't remember to forget The day me and my wife met. It was an Autumn summer day. I bought her a rose and she threw it away. I won her heart in the end But I can break it now, it'll never mend. It's not a fire that burns inside It's a little child wanting to hide. The crow is my other personality. The part that wants to be free. I should listen to him and do as he says. Each squawk I'll follow again and again. Crazy, crazy I may be. But then I'll not be just nutty I'll be free.

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Posted: November 7, 2002 2:47 PM PST; Last modified: November 7, 2002 2:47 PM PST
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[5] <{Baba^Yaga}> @ | 7-Nov-02/2:52 PM | Reply
i was having a blast up until the last two stanzas..only because the joy of killing needs no explanation just more volunteers.t
[7] razorgrin @ | 7-Nov-02/2:55 PM | Reply
I agree with Baba Yaga. The rest reminds me of the song "the curse of Millhaven" and the novel And the Ass Saw the Angel.
[5] Tintagiles @ > razorgrin | 7-Nov-02/7:57 PM | Reply
Yes.. the sly corbies are a bit close... though of course one would take those sly corbies over this anyday.
[7] deleted user @ | 8-Nov-02/6:17 AM | Reply
Nice one, the crow isn't Scott dressed in feathers by any chance is it?And what the hell is that about a spud in the 5th stanza?
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