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Helmand's prisoners (Free verse) by Caducus
I - Helmand Province, June 2007 Jeff's head burst out with pomegranate flowers fragrancing wind, warm as Portsmouth lips. Opium brushed Adam's face like lovemaking hair and as moon cradled in the blossomed bough his best friend folded himself to sleep smiling. II - Adam's Eulogy Adam carried his brother like a womb, he called him arrogant and his protege. A soldiers eyes are dry as Helmand soil, and yet being absent from anothers death could feel like wanting to be dead as much as loved. III - Telling Jeff's little brother At six years old you became a soldier the bravest kind who surrendered childhood for a heaven your Father described too well. A heaven where Jeff lay in a field as you dreamt whispering that a belt should be strapped around a waist, and a child's neck should look towards the sun. IV - Adam returns to Helmand Province You make love to her properly in flashbacks their is a closeness five thousand miles away. You arrange feelings like roadside bombs holding yourself tight as a friends head wound, pollen through tazer fire is all that is Airborne and home is away under sun and fire.

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Posted: August 8, 2009 1:39 PM PDT; Last modified: August 8, 2009 1:39 PM PDT
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[9] jh99 @ | 27-Feb-10/9:11 AM | Reply
This is awesome. Original and powerful keep it up, the world needs writings like this.
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