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My Isolation (Lyric) by clarke1975
A smile that hides an inner heartache, A twinkle in my a eye, a lost dream, The laughter replaces a silent cry, All hidden for no-one to see A loneliness yet everyone’s around me, A pain that should no longer be, Looking for a release from this feeling, Wanting someone to help set me free A repaired heart ready to be opened, A friendship wanting to be shared, Too much time spent feeling lonely, Too many opportunities lost feeling scared New friendships to be made from my freedom, New beginnings out there to be found, I need to escape the isolation, I just need to be me and stand proud But the shyness stops me from being noticed, Tongue tied and unable to speak, Missed by the people I want to hear me, Only noticed by those that know I exist One day things will change for the better, Each dawn brings a brighter new day, We take life’s path where it leads us, And maybe you might follow it my way.

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Posted: June 23, 2007 2:57 AM PDT; Last modified: June 25, 2007 4:02 PM PDT
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[4] Skamper @ | 27-Jun-07/4:22 PM | Reply
For a lyric in this day and age it fits what else is out there. Not bad, but if you write lyrics often you are going to have to be more creative.
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