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Let's Grovel For Jesus And Fight The Naughty Satan! (Free verse) by Sing4Jesus!
Brothers and Sisters! Fall down on your knees and pray! Our cities throughout the land are in pain and turmoil! The anti-Christ is scything through our nation! The pestilence of Babylon and Sodom is on the prowl! Our lovely sun-washed land is flowing with the filthy pus Of the anti-Christ's excremental bestial outpourings! We must battle against the Satanic forces of the anti-Christ Who manifests himself in designer clothes and alcoholic beverages To corrupt and destroy us and rebuild us in his own Hellish image! So when you're feeling down and oh so sinful, sad and blue, There is a simple reason for this: your Loving Lord is not with you! You must kneel down and worship God and be born again in Holy Jesus!

Up the ladder: The Christian Submariner
Down the ladder: The Christian Soldier

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Arithmetic Mean: 1.9333333
Weighted score: 1.9361272
Overall Rank: 13637
Posted: October 13, 2006 3:49 PM PDT; Last modified: October 13, 2006 3:49 PM PDT
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[7] howl @ | 14-Oct-06/2:20 PM | Reply
Jesus rocks.
[n/a] Dovina @ | 15-Oct-06/2:20 PM | Reply
I assume that all these Jesus poems are satire on Christianity. Perhaps you see hypocrisy in the church and wish to expound your rebellion. Ironically, Jesus did the same thing. “Do not according to their works,” he said of the religious leaders, “for they say, and do not.” Matthew 23:3. Many other passages like this.
[0] Edna Sweetlove @ | 18-Oct-06/1:03 PM | Reply
Howlingly funny! I love this!
[7] sca @ | 3-Jun-07/5:15 AM | Reply
Although I can see why you'd get rated lowly, I also don't see how it's that bad as a poem. The religious nuts have to pull their heads out of their arses and realise you're supposed to rate a poem on it's merits, not your own personal beliefs.

=> Jess
[0] Engelbert Humpalot @ | 7-Oct-07/10:12 AM | Reply
I love this more than 9/11.
[0] wDaphnew @ | 8-Jan-12/8:22 AM | Reply
great stuff
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