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the day the poet is the reason for the poem I (Free verse) by daggatolar
the day the poet is the reason for the poem the day death begins then for poetry if we had left words alone we would like before have had no need to heed… for Satan and Snake to commingle to communicate woman to woe man with words to show us our own flesh of Apples for Adam to frontside backside to inside meeting of flesh frolicking and mating all these flesh about of Malthus Geometry Scarcing goods and hiding good would have been no crisis, economic and no social break down 28 june 1914, yes Gavrilo Princip but no Serbian shot no war, no Lenin and then not a Stalin to discard Marx for his own “… one country” and the millions of missing lives in the sandpit of Siberia for sure there would be no record of Black Thursday of Depression of 24 Oct. 1929 then no Hitler, no gas chamber then there would have been no 14 may 1948 Sharon, Olmert speaking of a new home and cutting homes of others down neating forms by cutting names to the label of “Dirty Terrorist”…. artpours a head butt to unclutch the poetry of the game Zidane is out and the faces for France cry the poetry of silent moans of lost for a mere cup and then rate the prize of a Palestine homeland… playing poems against flying bullets and willing young ones to do on dying for a nationality bothering land away haba! the day the poet is the reason for the poem the day death begins then for poetry

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Posted: August 15, 2006 4:05 PM PDT; Last modified: August 15, 2006 4:05 PM PDT
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[7] Dovina @ | 16-Aug-06/3:22 PM | Reply
The thesis stated in the first two lines is unsupported by the body of the poem. I suggest you drop the title and the thesis and deal with the history as it stands.
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