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Fragrant Love (Free verse) by Engelbert Humpalot
I embarked upon an affair with a much younger woman She was beautiful, wanton and abandoned, Far advanced for her age in the ways of sensuality. When we made love I lost all track of time As her heaving, thrusting loins sweated under me. She wore a particularly strong perfume. musky and exotic And when I left her bed I reeked of her and its charms. The problem was this: I was married and could not go home Drenched in another woman's fragrance, so a solution was needed. I discovered the name of the perfume from my mistress, Suggesting to her that I was making notes for a future gift. In fact, I purchased a large bottle for my dear lady wife And thank God she liked it enormously and adopted it as her own. Thus, when I returned home after an afternoon of lust With my eager, youthful, compliant and unprincipled mistress, My innocent wife never noticed my saucy indiscretions And I could sleep in her arms, imagining them to be The tender brown arms of my lovely young lover.

Up the ladder: More and more Shuushin
Down the ladder: Two Cunts

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Overall Rank: 15
Posted: August 10, 2006 10:03 AM PDT; Last modified: August 10, 2006 10:03 AM PDT
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Edna Sweetlove, Blind Fart, Dr Toilet

[10] Edna Sweetlove @ | 10-Aug-06/11:40 AM | Reply
What a charming little tale. It reminds me of my late husband Bert. He would often get home late at night reeking of cheap aftershave after some nameless activities in the park with his bumboy friends.
[8] MacFrantic @ | 14-Aug-06/12:20 AM | Reply
Not one for actual storylines, but this was more than adequate...good one.
[10] Sing4Jesus! @ | 3-Sep-06/5:16 PM | Reply
I prefer sex with God.
[8] unouluvme @ | 10-Jan-07/1:52 PM | Reply
wow. if you really did this you're a bitch.but it does make a good poem.
[10] Dr Toilet @ | 15-Jan-07/8:58 AM | Reply
Dr Toilet wanks when he reads things like this!
[n/a] Holy Tits @ | 18-Jan-07/7:38 AM | Reply
How reminiscent of my own family. Very fucking amusing.
[n/a] flames777 @ | 31-Aug-09/3:41 PM | Reply
A lingering heart-conviction of a forgotten secret pleasure in spontaneous lines between creative fingers.
Nice work.
[10] wDaphnew @ | 30-Sep-11/1:27 PM | Reply
I came when I read this.
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