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Fragrant Love (Free verse) by Engelbert Humpalot

I embarked upon an affair with a much younger woman She was beautiful, wanton and abandoned, Far advanced for her age in the ways of sensuality. When we made love I lost all track of time As her heaving, thrusting loins sweated under me. She wore a particularly strong perfume. musky and exotic And when I left her bed I reeked of her and its charms. The problem was this: I was married and could not go home Drenched in another woman's fragrance, so a solution was needed. I discovered the name of the perfume from my mistress, Suggesting to her that I was making notes for a future gift. In fact, I purchased a large bottle for my dear lady wife And thank God she liked it enormously and adopted it as her own. Thus, when I returned home after an afternoon of lust With my eager, youthful, compliant and unprincipled mistress, My innocent wife never noticed my saucy indiscretions And I could sleep in her arms, imagining them to be The tender brown arms of my lovely young lover.

unouluvme 10-Jan-07/1:52 PM
wow. if you really did this you're a bitch.but it does make a good poem.

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