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Slim and Pretty, Or Not (Free verse) by Dovina
We wish our butts were thinner, Our tummies flatter, and our second toe wasn’t longer than the first. No one can live life to the fullest while sucking her stomach in. And it’s better to look like we eat than to look like we don’t. And the best beauty aid is a nearsighted man.

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Posted: October 21, 2005 11:02 AM PDT; Last modified: October 21, 2005 11:02 AM PDT
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[5] INTRANSIT @ | 21-Oct-05/2:03 PM | Reply
*TWIST* there's a match for you.

Thank got for rubenesquenesses. es.
[n/a] Dovina @ > INTRANSIT | 22-Oct-05/11:00 AM | Reply
A match for me? A nearsighted man? Sold!
[7] zodiac @ | 22-Oct-05/9:34 AM | Reply
A nearsighted man will see you clearly if you are close, and fuzzily from a distance. Are you sure that's what you meant? That aside, rather too like one of those women's-keychain jokes like, Have you ever noticed all of women's problems start with 'Men'?
[n/a] Dovina @ > zodiac | 22-Oct-05/10:58 AM | Reply
A severely nearsighted man will not even notice if I am fat (which I am not), he will see only my eyes and anything else he gets close to. But I meant it more metaphorically, as seeing my character.

I admit it's like a string of maxims, and a bit didactic. Do you see a market in the keychain business?
[7] zodiac @ > Dovina | 22-Oct-05/12:03 PM | Reply
I would prefer a farsighted, who would see me clearly while distant (and thusly diminished by perspective) but not have a chance of seeing anything closer. Admittedly nearsighted is better as a metaphor. Do you think that's why so many people use it as a metaphor?

Well, everybody has keys.
[n/a] Dovina @ > zodiac | 23-Oct-05/6:54 AM | Reply
A good looking man with a bad heart will prefer farsighted women. Not saying you are he, but as a metaphor, it could work that way.
[6] Tintagiles @ | 22-Oct-05/7:22 PM | Reply
But fuller, un-sucked-in stomachs make better drums!
[n/a] Dovina @ > Tintagiles | 23-Oct-05/6:55 AM | Reply
yeah, ok.
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