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The Curlew's Cry (Yr alwad y Gylfinir) (Free verse) by Blurgerocity
Cymraeg: Dy alwad glywir hanner dydd Fel Ffliwt hyfydais uwch y rhos Fel chwiban bugail a fo gudd Dy alwad glywir hanner nos; Nes clywir, pan ddwys a dy swn Cyfarth dy anweledig gwn. Dy braidd yw'r moel gymylau maith, A'th barod gwyn yw'r pedwar gwynt Gorlanna'th ddiadelloedd llaith I'w gwasgar eilwaith ar eu hynt Yn yrr ddiorffwys, laes ddifref Hyd lynfnion hafodlasau'r nef. English: Your call is heard at noon by day, A wistful flute across the mere; As shepherd's whistle far away Your call is heard when midnight's near Then as you swell your keen the sounds Bark out afar from unseen hounds. With flocks the massive clouds of grey, And all four winds your eager hounds You must soon pen them ere they stray, And flee once more out of your bounds, A mute and restless drove on high Roaming the shielings of the sky

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Arithmetic Mean: 6.5
Weighted score: 5.1788044
Overall Rank: 4880
Posted: June 29, 2004 2:07 AM PDT; Last modified: June 29, 2004 2:07 AM PDT
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[8] tolstoyleo @ | 1-Jul-04/2:50 AM | Reply
The category is free verse but I found myself going: ababcc ababcc while readin it.
But... I thought it was alright.
I gave it an 8
255 view(s)

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