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Even manic dreamers must face Atropos (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer
There's been a livid flame burnin' in my eye, an insidious mark that few understand- it's never easy for a manic dreamer to die. Flaws reside within in me that I can't deny- so I am quick to offer my spiteful hand, stirred by the livid flame burnin' in my eye. It was simple once to be so vulgar and sly, but in time things become quite bland; it's never easy for a manic dreamer to die. When one knows the truth, it's easy to lie- I ignore anyone who challenges it and glare with the livid flame burnin' in my eye. I've turned my back and emitted a wry sigh, leaving my medals to be buried in sand; it's never easy for a manic dreamer to die. My mind ablaze in delirium has left me dry, and now I can not continue to withstand the livid flame that's been burnin' in my eye- it's never easy for a manic dreamer to die.

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Posted: June 10, 2004 7:43 PM PDT; Last modified: June 10, 2004 7:43 PM PDT
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pain killer

[n/a] SupremeDreamer @ | 10-Jun-04/7:45 PM | Reply
My writers block villanelle. Hope it isn't too whiny.
[7] New Life Drug @ | 10-Jun-04/11:21 PM | Reply
and i must face the mirror
[5] god'swife @ | 11-Jun-04/8:33 AM | Reply
'When one knows the truth it's easy to lie' Nice. You should work on this, it could be great.
[9] caitydee @ | 18-Jun-04/9:45 PM | Reply
Very well done, I like the repition, yet its not overdone so it still flows, it just makes sense, I really like this one.
[10] pain killer @ > caitydee | 28-Jun-04/12:49 PM | Reply
you've really got something going S Dreamer. i haven't read all of your stuff yet, i tend to channnel surf my wa around the site every occasional half hour...but this is, well, it's something else man...again very lovely and very great already...ten...again
[n/a] SupremeDreamer @ > pain killer | 2-Jul-04/10:10 AM | Reply
Thanks, I don't think anyone other than, perhaps horus8 or darkie, has read all of my stuff.. I've amassed a pretty large bundle of work on this site. I also go by other pen-names such as DreamerSupreme, Don-Quixote, Y2kSlamPoet, and Shit-Crumpets. Multi-internet-personalities are fun... and evil, so thats why I have them, plus the extra posting abilities are pretty nice.

You'll find though, in time, that my work is varied in style, technique and quality.. I'm sure one piece or another will piss you off or fall short of being pleasurable.. :) Your starting out pretty well, and you seem to have grasped, somewhat, your sense of style-- more than what I had when I first landed here at rankerville.

Peace be the reading, murderous be your vengeful loathing.
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