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Vibrissae (Free verse) by ggawrysi
The street is busy again- Yellow taxis slide between black luxury cars Making Main Street resemble a bumble bee. Starch pressed businessmen read the paper While bustling women push baby carriages to the market. I've been relegated to this house for four years now- Memory of the outside world escapes me. Since ending up on the doorstep three floors below I have been warm, fed, and clean And so I do my part for the family. When dinner is served I wait patiently for my turn to eat. When the family sleeps I tiptoe to avoid making noise. When children look bored I try to entertain. Best of all, when the man they call "Daddy" returns home from work, I twitch my whiskers, squint my eyes, and greet him at the door- Letting him know he is loved.

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Posted: May 30, 2004 9:18 PM PDT; Last modified: May 30, 2004 9:18 PM PDT
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[10] zodiac @ | 31-May-04/12:27 PM | Reply
What are you?

A hamster?

A Scottish midget?
[n/a] ggawrysi @ > zodiac | 31-May-04/7:12 PM | Reply
a cat, vibrissae is the latin word for "whisker." when was the last time you saw a hampster running around the house greeting people at the door? ok, i'll give you scottish midgets... but only in select states
[n/a] caitydee @ | 1-Jun-04/11:00 AM | Reply
Oh I'm sure you could train hamsters. Maybe you should write a poem about scottish midgets, or Irish midgets, could be interesting.
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