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Should A Ramble Make Sense? (Free verse) by Blindpoetry
I’m programming my heart Into the soul Of the one I love Out of the millions of possibilities There are a million land mines! A heart as warm as mine Can’t be frozen in time A heart as cold as mine Never saw this happening So much shocking behavior! Probability shot me before I had a chance With the cumbersome weight of your mind Nervousness laughed at me while I embarrassed The conceptual mind… Meeting new characteristics is a scary thought! I’m glad to see your face Glad to see you’re alive Glad to find what you’ve been inside Glad to wonder where you are and miss the choir Hide your eyes with the burning bush! Hair strings become the puppet remote control Life begins a new age Bling has been destroyed and love takes over! It’s a controversial age! Blind your Eyes! Watch your step, it’s a steep life!

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Arithmetic Mean: 3.4
Weighted score: 4.809275
Overall Rank: 11010
Posted: May 29, 2004 9:45 PM PDT; Last modified: May 29, 2004 9:45 PM PDT
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[8] zodiac @ | 30-May-04/4:44 AM | Reply
No. But one should not ramble. Stellar use of exclamation marks, though. As always.
[n/a] Blindpoetry @ > zodiac | 30-May-04/11:40 AM | Reply
I really ment for the outkast lines to have exclamation, but it felt necissary to put them in other places... As I was literraly shouting this while writing it. 0_o;
[n/a] Blindpoetry @ | 30-May-04/4:28 PM | Reply
The rule is, killingjuliet, that you gotta support your opinion on why you put down a two.
Even if it is 'It just sucks', I really want to know.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > Blindpoetry | 30-May-04/4:58 PM | Reply
No it isn't, you dunce. The site is poemeranker. A site devoted to the ranking of poemes. Any other activities are incidental, and frankly I think it's appalling that comments are allowed at all.
[n/a] Blindpoetry @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 30-May-04/5:20 PM | Reply
i wasn't actually 'calling it a rule' ... just... something I say. A figure a speech some may call it? *shrugs*

I was merely asking in an interrogative way.

And why not comment? You do not believe in constructive critiquing?
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