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Re: Sod by jrtails 15-Oct-02/5:22 AM
Your monkeys all of you, now rate mine a ten all of you bums. Short and sweet this poem. PS, rosie Bailey is God
Re: Ode to Nicholas Jones by lukehanney 15-Oct-02/5:26 AM
Well done Luke!
Re: The ballad of woosie by rosiebailey 21-Oct-02/2:34 AM
you is da baddest gangsta rosie i dont know weather to kiss yer or eat yer
Re: A mans obligation by kliq 11-Nov-02/6:23 AM
You are a visionary for our future, a pretty pathetic future but hey!
regarding some deleted poem... 11-Nov-02/6:25 AM
This poem is effin great. Plus the fact it has a strong basis in reality captures it for me. Freddy you are greatness.
regarding some deleted poem... 4-Dec-02/5:10 AM
Woah this poem is the chiznit bitch, i am actually a white guy called Colin and I too worship Noel Edwards. Noel Edwards is a sex god

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