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Deconstruction Of The Heart (Free verse) by impert&ent
Is an engineer’s task I want to know the protocol How that fucker is put together What the city is made of Look at the drawings Lay out the map but, she asks can you be such a deconstructionist with your heart? did you surrender to the arms of your parents? To which I say We choose our muses carefully And with deadly precision I am a tortoise after i read my poem i was super anxious but it was clear that the room was full of feeling it had slowed way down he sat there with tears in his eyes he said it took his breath away he wasn't able to concentrate when he began lecturing that made me nervous, like a little girl i wasn't sure how to handle it but it was there and moving fast over it was a bit of a violation and i wonder if you want to use those same skills with your heart There's a thing about context at work here Something that shapes the possibility of shared understanding Underneath the lines of text Between and around them I'm tempted to play it back With my own translation With my heart can I be a deconstructionist?

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